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Abenah Adelaide González is a Puerto Rican-Jamaican textile designer, aspiring print specialist and fashion stylist. She also channels her creativity through singing, songwriting, dance and acting. Born and raised in a creative environment, she became involved in the creative arts from a tender age. Encouraged by her parents, the late Christopher Francis González (Order of Distinction), a renown Caribbean fine artist and Champayne Clarke-González, a dancer turned fitness expert, the many classes and competitions Abenah partook in proved to be a solid foundation for the creative as today she is not only a designer but has a long list of artistic involvement attached to her name. As a child, Gonzalez was a member of the CANA Kiddies Showcase. A dance group managed by her mother. Along with her siblings. Abenah attended the Columbus Preparatory School, Kiddies Arts Centre, Discovery Bay Preparatory School and the ORPAC Visual and Performing Arts Centre. During her teenage years she attended the St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School for girls, a traditional secondary school owned by the Anglican Diocese deeply committed to providing students with quality education where her creative talents were quickly recognized by her teachers and peers which lead to her placements in leadership roles such as Art Club President, Drama Club’s Public Relations Officer and Cheer-leading Captain for Turner House.

When she first entered the fashion industry, it was as a fashion model signed to Pulse Investments Ltd, a leading model agency in the Caribbean. After being selected in the top 5 Caribbean Model Search, 2008, Gonzalez later won the Sandals Encore Regional Modelling Competition in 2009. Modelling kept reigniting her passion for fashion design and in 2010 Gonzalez enrolled at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica where she studied Textile/ Fibre Arts and Fashion Design for two years. She continued to pursue both runway & catalog modeling including stints such as being a fashion model on season II of television series, “Mission Catwalk” which airs across the Caribbean and is syndicated to networks in the USA, UK, Canada and Africa. In 2010, after leaving Edna Manley College, SVA, Gonzalez founded “Abenah Adelaide” a brand of exquisitely handmade Jamaican textiles, jewelry and resort wear. The line is boldly Afro-Caribbean, yet casually tailored, influenced by the designer’s eclectic taste and her vivid love affair with the exotic. Abenah Adelaide has been showcased both locally and internationally and has captured the attention of bloggers and journalists globally. Gonzalez eminently represented Jamaican fashion in London when she was selected by the Jamaica Business Development Cooperation (JBDC) as one of five emerging designers to represent Jamaica during the International Fashion Showcase (IFS), parallel to London Fashion Week. IFS is a festival of emerging designers organised by the British Council and the British Fashion Council during London Fashion Week. The event is coordinated in collaboration with London embassies and cultural institutes to showcase their countries’ most exciting designers in an exhibition that reflects their nations’ contemporary culture. “Abenah Adelaide” was also launched during IFS 2014 when Gonzalez showcased her first collection. She was also hand selected by the British Council to represent Jamaican fashion in the Architectural Design Fashion booklet that year. Subsequently, she was invited to join the Brand Jamaica Fashion and Design Group which is a cooperative that aims to rebuild Jamaica’s Textile/ Fashion Industry and is hosted by the Jamaica Business Development Cooperation and facilitated by the Ministry of Investment and Industry (MIIC).

In 2016, she entered her first pageant, Miss Universe Jamaica Northeast and was awarded 3rd runner up, Miss Runway Star and Best in Swimwear. In due course she qualified as a finalist in the Miss Universe Jamaica, 2016 pageant where she was voted by the public as best in swimwear. Later that year, Gonzalez’s passion for surface treatments overrode fashion design and she took up a course placement offer at one of the world’s leading design universities in the world, the University of the Arts London: Central Saint Martins and was selected as a scholarship awardee by the Jamaican government. Abenah successfully enrolled as the first Jamaican to attend the prestigious institution and aims to assist in placing Jamaica on the map in yet another area: textile design for fashion and interiors and aims to be a source for quality fabric in Jamaica and on a global scale.