Who am I descended from?

At some point in your life this question will be on your mind. From what I know, some of my ancestors are Puerto Ricans. Some of my ancestors were captured and enslaved (Africans), some are Maroons (rebel slave settlers). Some of them raped my enslaved ancestors and owned plantations (White, British). Some of my ancestors have ancestors that created the Hebrew bible (Jews). Some were indigenous peoples of America (popularly called red Indians).

With my blood having such a rich mixture, who am I then? Some people would say watered down lol. But I say a powerful mix! I am proudly mixed blood and a fully cultured Jamaican. A rebel, a spirit, and a powerful force. Not all Jamaicans are mixed in the same way but we all makeup a unique race. We call it a rich melting pot. Come together Jamaicans. Work together. Strive together! ❤️ 🇯🇲 What are you mixed with?? Comment below!

Model/ Stylist: Abenah Adelaide, Dexter Andre photography.

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