Abenah’s Lovely Raspberry Jam

Hope you all are fantastic!
It’s getting warmer here in London. Thank goodness! 🙂
I had a good day today and this evening I made a succulent raspberry jam! Yasss. Lol.
I wasn’t planning to make jam, it just happened. I had a delicious vegan dinner (which I will be posting later!), then I used up some raspberries that were in the freezer for a couple days. Berries get mouldy very fast so you have to use them quickly after you get them, otherwise they’ll go bad in no time. Anyway, I am excited and proud to say that my first try at making jam was a success! My jam is tangy and sweet. Not tooting my own horn but it’s literally the best jam I’ve had! Homemade is really better. The texture was also perfect. I won’t be sharing my new recipe with you though, sorry! Lol. It’s a secret! It took me about 15 minutes to prepare and it’s absolutely gorgeous! As soon as I use it on something I will share more photos. Check out a few photos my yummy jam below and come back later for my 30 day vegan challenge!
Peace for now! – Abenah XO



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