The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology London

Happy New Year AA Tribe! Hope you all are well!! I know you’ve missed me! Thanks for the emails while I was away from the blog! It’s always great hearing from you. Apologies for not posting for so long! Sometimes it feels good to get away from social media but I was really just so busy at the end of last year with classes, that I never even got a chance to write one blog post! I know, not good! If you don’t know, I am the first Jamaican to enroll at the University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins! I’m studying Textile Design and although it’s been tough so far, I’m loving it! It has been a very interesting time for me so far in London/ England! It’s quite different to live here than merely visiting! In good and bad ways. I’ve experienced both exciting, wonderful things, as well as bad. Some exciting new things have come my way! And others that will make you ponder! I can definitely say I’ve become a lot stronger, wiser, more educated, more prosperous, more grounded, and more SELF driven! It’s gonna be a successful year for me, I know it! I’m already excited taking on 2017 and with a continuous positive attitude, I’m gearing up for new opportunities to excel this year and spend more time alone as well as with real friends (so hard to find btw). Today I will share a quick post on my short trip to the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. Archaeology has become my thing! I visited the Petrie Museum last December, and today I also visited three museums – The Science Museum, the Museum of Natural History, and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Of course, they were all sooo good! Museum trips make my heart melt. Lol. For now, I will tell you all about Petrie! This museum is part of University College London Museums & Collections. The museum contains over 80,000 objects and ranks among some of the world’s leading collections of Egyptian and Sudanese material. I arrived about 40 minutes before closing time. It was quiet and I was one of two viewers that day. It’s actually a quite small museum and I was very excited because of my long love for Egyptian things! It’s important for me to embrace my passions. I was hoping to see some flamboyant ancient designs/ jewelry but I think I got my hopes up for that too much. Lol. The museum highlights the study of Egyptian history and prehistory through sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains. There was a lot of interesting artifacts and history displayed. The objects were very old, faded, and decayed but this instantly grew on me. The carvings and decayed objects were simply amazing! The thing that wowed me the most was the fact that the museum stores the Tarkan dress which is the oldest known garment from ancient Egypt! It is one of the oldest known pieces of clothing in the world and radiocarbon dating in 2015 confirmed this. This demonstrates that the dress is over 5000 years old [3000 BC]. That’s so cool! I also viewed several other Egyptian artifacts, subcultures, sculptures, carvings, and some jewelry as well. Check out the photos below! (Not my best images but I was trying to snap as much as I could). Happy viewing and enjoy the rest of your week and year! Talk soon ❤️ – Abenah Adelaide Xx

The Tarkhan Dress [3000 BC]

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