Island Gyal: Abenah Gonzalez for Lion Pride Ja

NEVER allow society to validate your inner or outer beauty. The most beautiful thing you can do is embrace who you truly are! #resilient ~ Abenah AG

Hey Tribe!

Fashion of the day is an Abenah Adelaide hand beaded bikini for Lion Pride Jamaica rolling paper! This shoot started as a promotion for popular Canadian bag line, Sprayground (which will be released later) and included the rolling of the “Wisdom Weed” with Jamaica’s best rolling paper, Lion Pride! These images are for promotional purposes. Everyone has a rebellious side I guess. Mine just comes out once in a blue moon. Anyway! I quite enjoy chilling in the countryside of Jamaica. “Me place!” My home! The most relaxing part of Jamrock. This shoot was done in Saint Mary, Jamaica, next door to my home parish, Saint Ann. Look out for more images of my collaboration with Sprayground, Canada.

Abenah Adelaide for Lion Pride Jamaica
Photo by RMP Studios
MUA Toree Michaels

lion pride shhot 3-3abenah weed 1 (1) abenah weed 2

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