Fundraising Summary: Abenah Adelaide Gonzalez, daughter of renown fine artist, the late Christopher Francis Gonzalez (Order of Distinction) is very passionate about the creative industries, particularly textile art/ fabric design. She has been offered a course placement from one of the world’s top 10 undergraduate universities, the University of the Arts, London: Central Saint Martins. She hopes to pioneer brand Jamaica textile art, place Jamaica on the map in this area, and play her part in building the textile industry in Jamaica so that it may become a viable economic activity on the island, using our natural fibers: bamboo, hemp, and sea island cotton. Gonzalez is also apart of a pioneering committee, the Brand Jamaica Fashion and Design Group, hosted by the Jamaica Business Development Cooperation and facilitated by the Ministry of Industry. The Ministry of Finance has awarded her a full tuition scholarship! She now needs to raise GBP 11385, approximately USD 15,000 for cost of living. She is also selling fine artwork by Christopher Gonzalez and accepting online sponsorship/ donations via this crowdfunding campaign to pursue her dream of making Jamaica a better place. Gonzalez has placed her vision in Vision 2030, “Jamaica, a place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business. The course begins in Septeber 2016 and she hopes to take up her placement the latest, October 2016. If goal is met, Gonzalez will give a percentage of funds which will be put on deposit to support research or farming communities to cultivate fiber or some project to teach textile art to a community.

Click here for Abenah Gonzalez’s ISupport Jamaica crowdfunding campaign.

Virtual viewing: Christopher Francis Gonzalez, O.D. (Order of Distinction) fine art.

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