Goddess Oshun Style At The Rio Nuevo, Saint Mary


I visited the Rio Nuevo in Saint Mary, Jamaica recently. It’s simply breathtaking and relaxing there. The water is sooo cool! I love rivers. I felt as if I was baptized. Jamaica is PARADISE! For this look I channel the widely loved goddess Oshun, also spelled Osun, Yorùbá Orisha of the sweet or fresh waters. This goddess is highly respected in some religions and is said to be typically associated with water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality. She is represented as a beautiful, charming and coquettish young woman that is known for healing the sick, bringing fertility and prosperity and especially for watching over the poor and bringing them what they need. In some tales She is also said to be a mermaid, with a fish’s tail. I don’t belong to any religion. Mythical and religious gods/goddesses are just very intriguing to me and I enjoyed portraying her style in a simpler form. A golden yellow and black dashiki and whatever gold jewelry I pulled out the jewelry box! My clean and classic makeup was done by the talented Rashida Haye and these images were captured by the awesome Davion Forbes Photography team.

~ Abenah XO

Photography: Davion Forbes – @df_photography
MUA: Rashida Haye – @punkie_facebeat
Style: Abenah Adelaide – @abenahadelaide @abenahadelaide.co

DFP_0588DFP_0546 (1)

DFP_0603 (1)

DFP_0663 (1) DFP_0722 DFP_0732


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