Fitness: Working on my Dream Body!

Hi everybody,

I hope all my viewers and followers are awesome! I’m excited to share my first fitness post with you all as I embark on a new chapter in my life! As a finalist in the Miss Universe Jamaica North East pageant, a well toned body is essential! All my life, I’ve had a fairly toned figure and I’ve been asked if I use to run, dance, do gymnastics and the list goes on! My mother told me that my figure had always been that way naturally and people would ask her the same thing before I actually started to become physically active. As I grew, I spent some years of my life as a dancer as well as an Entertainment Coordinator within the tourism industry in Jamaica. I love being active and get that nature from both my parents but more so from my mother who was once a dancer and is now a fitness expert for Flowers and Fitness Jamaica. I must say, as a daughter of a fitness pro, I really have been slacking off of any type of fitness this year and I have gained a bit of weight, especially on my belly! Nooooo! Well, yes! Sigh. That is what women fear for life! Lol. The best part is challenging myself though. Losing unwanted fat, toning my body and proving to myself that I can do this!

Being a finalist in the pageant so far has pushed me to visit the gym on a regular basis. Fitness is so important for our health, mind and beauty. So, I have been working out regularly at the Myers Fitness Centre located on the hills of Columbus Heights, a closed community in Ocho Rios that overlooks the town and let’s not forget, the beach! The gym is awesome. It contains lots of equipment to choose from, personal trainers that are always available to assist, a massage room, a water/ protein shake bar and daily classes in the built in studio, including dance workouts! Yes! Dance is by far way more fun to me than merely working out so I’m looking forward to a dance class! So far, the only class I’ve done is the super high energy aerobics class with the owner, Randy Myers. And I must say, I’m proud of myself! It was so intense and maxed out with energy but I kept up to the last minute! I was even placed on the half of the class that “could kept up”. Lol. Last week Wednesday, RMP Studios, our official photography team joined us to capture some fun and intense moments while the ladies of the Miss Universe Jamaica North East pageant and I worked out in the gym. Check out the photos below!

miss universe gym 16
My excess belly fat MUST go! I am challenging myself! You can see the core definition coming up underneath!

miss universe gym 20
Core workout at the Myers Fitness Center…

miss universe gym 12
Fellow contestant Sherica Brown and I working on our glutes and core!

miss universe gym 11

miss universe gym 9
Fun at the gym with fellow contestant, Sherika Prince!

miss universe gym 7
Arm strength building with 10 lbs…

miss universe gym 5
Fun times! Laughter is food for the soul…

miss universe gym 3

That’s it for now. Please interact with me by leaving a comment below! Thanks for stopping by!

~ Abenah XO


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