Edgy Highway Street Style: Riding with the Wind

Hi Royals. Today’s street style highlights conventional pieces used in unconventional ways! Using lots of black, leather, distressed fabrics, studs, zippers, and creating a general “rough around the edges” is usually considered the way to look edgy. I disagree! I created an edgy look by combining conventional pieces used in unconventional ways. I used an elegant, monochromatic-gold crochet lace top by K-Ego USA cropped with a fiery red Abenah Adelaide Biker Skort. To complete this sharp look, I used burgundy Forever 21 boots and gold accessories (gold is my second middle name! lol I love gold!). The colours are interesting and solidifies that it’s HOW you wear an item that makes the difference. My outfit’s elements describe a type of edge — a “hard edge” with a bit of softness around the edges as opposed to the regular ruggedness. Combining the clothing, footwear and accessories in an unconventional way creates an outfit with proportions that are not conventionally flattering, and make up my highway street style! If irregular outfit juxtapositions seem too jarring for your professional or social environmental norm, then use a softer or more modest piece in the mix. If you’re comfortable challenging convention, then this look might be just the tonic your personal style needs!

Wanna know what’s crazy about the history of skorts?? Skorts, originally knee breeches, was a pant worn by men! Crazy right? Well not really. To add to that, skorts are also used by some people to describe something other than a pair of shorts with a flap or two. Can you guess what it is?? If you guessed women’s panties then you are absolutely correct! But so much for skort history. Let’s talk about the material. The cotton material is cool and comfy. I’d like to say it’s locally manufactured cotton material but I don’t know where it was produced. With that being said, I hope Jamaica will start producing lots more cotton material. Anyway, if you’re wondering why I call it a “biker skort”, it is because the shape of it, including the high waist reminds me of those skorts typically worn by bikers. And women on bikes tend to wear itty bitty shorts don’t they? But Let’s not take away from the shorts! It’s a really itty bitty design but it can be dressed up or down! It all depends on how you wear the garment. It can be edgy, it can be classy, or even a little bit of both like what I did here! It can even be dapper. There are no boundaries to dressing up with the Biker Skort. Shoot, there are no boundaries to dressing up at all! Style is freedom – we sometimes forget that.

With two pointed edges as panels and a high waist, the front makes a pretty sweet skirt! Flip itaround and the back makes a super cute center-zipper-upper-comfy-cool-kinda-shorts! I create words too. Just kidding! Ha. If you’d like to order one or several of this design or book me as a stylist, please shoot me an email at abenahadelaide@gmail.com. Remember to check out more photos of what I mixed with this design to create an unconventional edgy look. Click on the link below for more!

Toodlez for now!

Abenah x

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