Wednesday Wardrobe : Details of AA Designs featured in Mr Vegas’ “Identify My Love” Music Video


“The deeper blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural… The brighter it becomes, the more it loses sound , until it turns into silent stillness and becomes white”.

You’re sure to feel like Royalty and fall in love with being queen in this Abenah Adelaide Royal Blue Skater Dress! Brilliant colours and chic cuts are what I live for! Don’t you just love a dress with a little sass and a lot of class?? I do! The Abenah Adelaide signature neckline speaks volume and the girly swing shouts youthfulness! Royal blue is said to have been a colour that was invented by millers in Rode Somerset, a consortium of which won a competition to make a dress for the British queen, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strlitz. This dress is cool enough to wear to a party yet formal enough to wear to a charity event.

It dress  was recently featured when I styled myself for international reggae artiste, Mr. Vegas’ new music video for his single “Identify My Love” that world premiered on Vevo yesterday (check it out below). I played the role of a “Hot College Girl” in a typical story of love that was shot and directed on the grounds of Edna Manley College, SVPA campus (my past school) by Game Over Films. To make it seem a bit more casual, I chose to pair it with shiny pink slippers and gold jewelry. Easily dress up this skater dress with a pair of pumps and you’re good to go for an elegant evening out!

Abenah Adelaide’s beaded jacket-turn-vest design was also used for one of the looks in this video. Bead work has been my thing ever since I was inspired by African tribal bead work back in 2013. The entire front block of the vest was hand beaded using multiple coloured glass beads firmly attached and water resistant in a cheetah print textiles. While the back is left in a pink and black digital cheetah print. It was worn over my new tropical beaded bralete that can also be used as a bikini top, jeans, pink slippers and gold jewelry! See details on the AA beaded bralet top here: Wednesday Wardrobe: Exotic Flowers. Abenah Adelaide designs may be ordered in any size via email at

Abenah x


Wednesday Wardrobe: Exotic Flowers

Abenah and AA Designs Featured in Mr Vegas Identify My Love Video

Mr Vegas – Identify My Love


  1. Will definitely be ordering some for myself and my girls! We love our beaded bralettes and bikini bottoms! They are really cute! You’re amazing Aby!!


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