Afro-Caribbean Queen: AA Beaded Hibiscus Bikini

Hey Royals! Following my previous post on my collaboration with the Davion Forbes Photography team: I visited the Sand Castles Jamaica and I was photographed on the bay side of the privately owned destination spot wearing Abenah Adelaide designs. For this look, my Afro-Caribbean hand beaded Hibiscus Bikini design was paired with a gold neck piece, alternatively, for a different feel, it was also paired with my most recent evolution of the bold AA Akilah Statement Necklace. Either necklace creates an exotic story line of a glowing Afro-Caribbean Queen on her island shores and channels old island glamour that reminds me of a West Indian Vogue editorial.

No AA designs are exactly alike so that each piece is unique to the wearer! You will have have heads turning leaving everyone wondering “Where did you get that!?” For orders, stylist/ model bookings, please email me at Also follow us on social media:

Photo credit: DF Photography – Photographer: Davion Forbes – Instagram: @df_photography_ & @shawtbway. Lighting – Sasha-Gaye Kirlew – Instagram: @kimber_lee_kirlew

Abenah Adelaide Clothing & Textiles © @abenahadelaide, and @abenahadelaide.swim


Abenah x


DFP_7770  DFP_7766

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