Queen of the Rose Garden: Makeup and Styling

Hey Royals! Valentine’s Day inspired me to channel the Queen of the Rose Garden/ Queen of Hearts! I had a lot of fun creating this character because it’s such a striking one! The entire look is by me and this post breaks down my glowing V/day look for you. Read on for the details of my fabulous new creation!

Makeup: Ok so for starters, let me give all the heart warming details on my fabulous makeup! First up: the base! I used LA Girl PRO High definition primer to help smooth and fill in any lines or pores. Subsequently, Milani Golden Beige cover concealer and Black Opal Heavenly Honey creme stick (some people claim to dislike Black Opal but it works great for me and always gives me a clean, silky-smooth finish). To highlight and contour my face, I used the Milani, Italy: Glow Baked Bronzer and the LA Girl Contouring kit and sand pressed powder and they worked perfectly! Now for the eye candy: To create the double crease cut contour on my lids I used Maybelline, New York: The Nudes eye shadow kit to create the quad eye contour and Elf liner for the crease. I also used red glitter for special effect and definition. The hearts on my lips and cheek were cutely penciled in using the LA Girl Forever Red lip liner and highlighted with Jordana Modern Matte Caliente lipstick. To create my big bold lash blast, I used Oh Woman professional lashes, Maybelline Great Lash mascara and Maybelline Big Eye volume express. All done! When my beautiful makeup was complete, I used LA Girl HD PRO setting spray to set this look. It gives a long lasting matte effect. It’s my first time trying a double crease cut contour on my lids and it turned out just as I desired!


Rose Queen Style: Outfit: My rose print crop top has a lovely cut that was created with a sheer mid-section that I love. The fabric used is a vibrant British rose textile print design that beautifully exudes delicacy and youth. It’s very classic much like the Old English floral designs. I used a gold armor necklace to frame it and enhance my image. My white cotton maxi skirt design is very flow-y and it was enhanced when I added a gold bejeweled belt.

queen 6Crown: I used my platinum blonde braids to create rose knots and tucked a real red rose between them and I tucked rose leaves in to complete my crown. The fact that the way I styled myself makes me look like a doll or like I just stepped out of Narnia, a fiction movie/ book means I nailed it! Lol! I hope you love it as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by today!

~Abenah XO
2016-02-13 19.15.23

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