Celebrating Africa!

I grew up on an island where the African culture is strongly embraced. Africa dwells within all true Jamaicans and it also plays an imperative role in making our warm, vibrant blood and island home a place where intense contradictions co-exist and beautifully creates a nation that derives its lifestyle from a diverse range of sources/ countries. The Jamaican culture is uniquely distinct because our background is well rooted and collectively gives us beautiful blossoms of a refreshing new manifestation. The intense mixtures are traditional and modern, raw and refined and has strong opposing characteristics yet keeps possession of a spirit that is truly Jamaican.

Abenah Adelaide was launched and is known as a boldly Afrocentric, yet casually tailored line that is influenced by my eclectic taste and vivid love affair with the exotic and is targeted at women of all ages and nationalities! African-Jamaica pretty much birthed Abenah Adelaide from the very first time the idea of a having a fashion line sprung to me and thereafter grew to be more multi-cultural. Join me as I indulge in an enjoyable recollection of my past African inspired fashion.

Abenah_03 copy
My first hand beaded statement necklace inspired by African beadwork and name after my niece Akilah (Means the most beautiful girl in the world).

 Hand beaded jacket by Abenah Adelaide (beading kind of grew to be my thing!)

abenah 3
A closer look…

Abenah Edit
A beautiful African print patchwork empire dress showcased at the Jamaican High Commission for the UK during International Fashion Showcase, 2014 parallel London Fashion Week. IFS is a festival of emerging designers organised by the British Council and the British Fashion Council.This is when Abenah Adelaide was launched.

My boldly Afrocentric line caught the eyes of many industry insiders including Avis Charles, Victoria Beckham’s design consultant and Claire Sulmers, founder of one of the most influential fashion blogs in the world, Fashion Bomb Daily.

Abenah Adelaide via Threadbare, Jamaica. (Photo courtesy of the Jamaica Business Development Cooperation)

One of my favorite African print skater dresses I’ve designed. This photograph was captured by Krusha Visuals. The fashion design and I were later featured in international dancehall artiste, Popcaan’s “Love yuh Bad” video! Click here to check it out!

seabreeze Beautiful hand beaded designs on dresses by Abenah Adelaide

Before the fro got so popular! Modeling some of my Caribbean/ African inspired jewelry

Wearing an African inspired design on Arise News, UK

A chic Afrocentric inspired line showcased at Pulse CMS

Abenah Adelaide bralets and statement jewelry

Abenah Adelaide designs

African inspired designs by Abenah Adelaide. Photo by Geoffery Berry



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