Print Palette: AA Textiles for Savvy Classics, New York!

Abenah Adelaide for Savvy Classics, New York, what inspires me and how I got started?

I was so overwhelmed when Savvy Classics, New York chose three of my textile designs for their fabric store in New York City!

Creating these prints were so much fun! I don’t have to escape from reality and set sail on an exotic getaway to get inspired. Most of the time, it’s on a walk in my hometown, or driving out and seeing something out of context. You may think that exotic birthplaces on their own is not informative of anything but some of the time the most exquisite pieces were not even inspired by surroundings but rather merely a random and spontaneous creation. When I attended a meet and greet with Savvy Classics, the CEO instantly fell in love with my textiles portfolio and chose these designs for her company. If you like my work and would like to contract me, feel free to contact me at



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