3 Tips on How to wear an “Akilah” Necklace

“An Akilah neckpiece is a sassy jewellery design worn around the neck or neck line, created by designer Abenah Gonzalez. Akilah neck pieces usually exhibit intricate details and boldness. ” Traffic-blocking necklaces are top news this season and these bold, exotic beauties look sensationally steamy and fresh off the runway. So how do you make the right statement? Continue reading and soon you’ll be able to work in sync with your wardrobe in pulling off the beau ideal and style savvy of rocking an Akilah statement neckpiece like a pro!

Tip #1 Wear a simple top/ dress The purpose of a statement neckpiece is to do just that: make a statement. For the most favorable effect, couple your distinctive jewelry with a simple, solid top or dress and ensure that the neckline is simple without additional drama like ruffles or extra fabric on the top. For the simple stylish woman, this stand out piece is optimal when styled with a little black dress. For others who like to add a whole lot more personality to their outfits, the neckpiece can be worn with solid colours as well as prints. As long as the colours correspond, it’s perfectly fine to go with matching textiles. Bright colours close to your face like these Afro-centric prints will make your complexion look brighter, more awake and compliment your crazy flair!

Abenah_09 (1)

Tip #2 Don’t over do with other jewellery Keeping the rest of your jewellery simple is imperative when wearing this bold design, especially your earrings. Don’t overload – you don’t want to look like a little girl who raided the dress up box! Let your statement necklaces take the spotlight and do the talking themselves.

Tip #3 Wear your hair up This type of jewellery was designed with the intention of being noticed so, if you have long hair, it’s most favorable to wear your hair back. What sense does it make to hide such a fabulous piece of jewellery under lengthy heaps of hair anyway? A ponytail, up-do or bun works well so that the necklace will shine in its own light.

Stick with these rules like sewn beads on fabric and you’ll be successful in being an unstoppable exemplar of fashionable intelligence. Now you’re ready to make your statement!

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